biglotssurvey – Complete Big Lots Survey & Win $300!

So you have visited a Big Lots store recently, and you want to let them know your opinion about them from the last visit?

Now, you can do just that using biglotssurvey website and get rewarded for that!

Here in this page, we have a step by step guide for completing the biglotssurvey online and also the steps required for entering the Big Lots sweepstakes without a store receipt. But if you just want to visit



Survey Name biglotssurvey
Brand Name Big Lots
Prize $300
Assured Reward
Is purchase required? Yes (for online entry)
Is store receipt required? Yes (for online entry)

Biglotssurvey Rules

Who can Enter the sweepstakes?

  • US residents with an age of over 18.
  • No employee of Big Lots is allowed to enter the sweepstakes.

What are the Sweepstakes Prizes?

The prize for winning the Big Lots sweepstakes in a $300 gift card.

How to know if I won the sweepstakes?

You will be contacted on the contact address you gave while entering the sweepstakes.

How to complete Big Lots survey & enter sweepstakes?

  1. Click on the above given buttons to access, the official website of Big Lots survey.
  2. Now, on the first page, click on the “To Continue in English, Click Here” button.
  3. Here, you will be asked to enter these details from your store receipt:
    1. Register #
    2. Transaction #
    3. Store #
    4. Amount of purchase
    5. Time of visit
    6. Date of visit
  4. Enter all of these details and click on the “Start” button.
  5. Your survey will start now.
  6. Now, answer the questions you’re asked honestly and complete the whole survey.
  7. After that, enter your contact details when asked.
NOTE: In case you don’t have a store receipt with you, you can enter the the biglotssurvey by clicking here.

How to enter Big Lots sweepstakes without making a purchase?

You can enter the Big Lots sweepstakes without making a purchase, follow the steps given below:

  1. Get a 3″ x 5″ card and hand print these details:
    • Name
    • Complete address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip code
    • Daytime phone number
    • Birth date
  2. After that, mail it to this address:
    Big Lots! Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes Entry, 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437
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About Big Lots

Over 1400 stores across 47 states makes Big Lots Inc one of the biggest retail companies in America. The company was founded in 1967 as the Consolidated Stores Corporation in Ohio by a man named Sol Shenk. The company opened Odd Lots, its first closeout store, in 1982 in Columbus Ohio. A closeout store generally sells remaining stocks of goods at highly discounted prices.

As the Odd Lots stores kept expanding, a rival closeout retailer Recvo took objection to the entire business and it name. This caused Consolidated Stores to rename their company as Big Lots while expanding out of Columbus region. Eventually the company rebranded all its stores under the name Big Lots. The company went public in 1985 and switched to trading in the New York /stock exchange in 1986.

Consolidated Stores tried its had at the different venture by investing in DeLorean Motor Company. This company declared bankruptcy in 1982 causing the group to take 100 DeLorean DMC-12 models which was still in the factory in Northern Ireland. This unusual excess lot is mentioned in the Big Lots website’s ‘Closeout Museum’.

Consolidated Stores Corp began its expansion across the country by acquiring Toy Liquidators, a toy retail company. This added 82 stores across 32 states to the company growing market. This followed by the acquisition of KB Toys from Melville Corporation in 1996. In 1997 the company bought up ‘MacFrugals’ (Pic ‘N’ Save) stores eventually rebranding them as Big Lot.

Running two different brands proved difficult and Consolidated Stores sold the KB Toys and Toy Liquidators in 2000. It then concentrated on the Big Lots brand and even changed the company’s name to Big Lots. By 2002 all its stores were rebranded as Big Lots. By November 2010, Big Lots had opened 17 new stores bringing its total to 1400. The expansion has continued at a steady pace.

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biglotssurvey - Complete Big Lots Survey & Win $300!
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biglotssurvey - Complete Big Lots Survey & Win $300!
So you just visited a Big Lots outlet and want to complete the biglotssurvey online? Here's our step by step guide!
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