chipotlefeedback – Complete the Chipotle Feedback Survey & Win Burritos for a Year!

If you’ve visited a Chipotle outlet recently, you can enter the chipotlefeedback customer satisfaction survey and get rewarded for your opinion about them from your last visit.

Chipotle Feedback is the name of the Chipotle Feedback where in they’re giving away a chance to win year full of burritos!

Here on this page, we’re showing you how to complete the ChipotleFeedback survey online and enter the sweepstakes easily. Read on for that. But if you just want to visit website, just click on the button given below.



Survey Name chipotlefeedback
Brand Name Chipotle
Prize Win Burritos for a Year
Assured Reward
Is the purchase required? Yes
Is the store receipt required? Yes

Chipotle Feedback Rules

Who can Enter the sweepstakes?

  • All US residents of age 18 can take part in the survey.
  • No Chipotle employee can take the survey.

What are the Sweepstakes Prizes?

The prize for taking the Chipotle feedback survey is a chance to win 1 year of free burritos. Which equals to $520 in Burrito Bucks.

How to know if I won the sweepstakes?

You will be contacted in the contact details you’ve given at the end of the survey for the sweepstakes.

How to complete chipotlefeedback survey?

  1. Click on the above-given links to visit website.
  2. Here, you’ll first be asked if you have a Receipt Code (or special invitation code) or not.
    1. If you have one, enter the special invitation code from your receipt.
    2. And click on the “Begin Survey”.
    3. If you don’t have the receipt code, you can select the “Don’t have your receipt? Click here to continue” option.
    4. On the next page, you’ll be asked details about your Restaurant and date of visit.
    5. Enter all and click on “Next” to start the survey.
  3. Now your survey will start.
  4. You will be asked many questions about your last visit to Chipotle outlet.
  5. Answer all of the honestly and complete the survey by clicking on the “Finish” button.
  6. Now on the next page, you will be asked your contact details and more.
  7. Enter that and click on “Finish” button. You will be entered to the survey sweepstakes.

chipotlefeedback survey hacks

You can enter the survey sweepstakes unlimited times by using the “Don’t have your receipt? Click here to continue” option in the survey.

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About Chipotle

Chipotle has long been the restaurant that allows us to feel healthy while eating baby-sized burritos. We decided to study more deeply the roots of the chain to better understand its mystique. We found facts that you certainly did not know.

Read all this before asking if you should order Margarita Patron.

1. The founder is a very serious leader:

The founder and CEO of Chipotle, Steve Ells, was not only a businessman at the heart of quick and casual restaurant concepts: he went to the Culinary Institute of the United States before creating Chipotle, which means that he has followed the same training as Roy Choi, Duff Goldman, and that goes for Anthony Bourdain.

2. Ells launched the Chipotle lighthouse at an abandoned ice cream store in 1993:

One of Colorado’s Dolly Madison ice cream shops. (In case you are wondering about the namesake, the first lady, Dolley Madison, served ice cream at the inaugural 1813 ball of her husband, James Madison, and generally has a reputation for popularizing the treat.)

3. Chipotle’s bare architecture reflects its humble beginnings:

Ells received much of the initial decor from local hardware stores – for example, fixtures were the product of metal junction boxes and porcelain lamp holders containing single halogen bulbs. So, basically, you should accumulate Lowe’s gift cards at grandmothers.

4. The commitment to antibiotic-free meat did not come right away:

It all started when Ells read an article by Ed Behr in The Art of Eating about Iowa farmers raising pigs in super-regulated environments. He asked for a sample, prepared carnitas and thought they had better taste. This is how his crusade really started for top quality ingredients. (All this also happened in 1999, so frankly, we are surprised that the preparations for the year 2000 are not his first Concern.)

chipotlefeedback references:

chipotlefeedback - Complete Chipotle Survey & Win Burritos for a Year!
Article Name
chipotlefeedback - Complete Chipotle Survey & Win Burritos for a Year!
If you've visited a Chipotle outlet recently, you can enter the chipotlefeedback survey and get rewarded for your opinion about them from your last visit.
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Surveys 'N' Sweepstakes
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