mcdvoice – Enter the McDonald’s Survey & Get Various Freebies!

Have you visited a McDonald’s outlet recently?

Then you can get some awesome rewards for letting McDonald’s know about your recent visit to their outlet.

Mcdvoice is the customer survey of McDonald’s in which they’re rewarding their customers for letting them know opinion and taking their survey.



Survey Name mcdvoice
Brand Name McDonald’s
Assured Reward Various Rewards
Is purchase required? Yes
Is store receipt required? Yes

McDVoice Rules

Who can Enter the mcdvoice survey?

  • Only US residents over 18 years of age can enter the survey.
  • Only people who have the store receipt from McDonald’s from the recent visit.

What are the Survey Rewards?

The reward for completing mcdvoice survey are varying, but generally they offer you a cpi[pm code for getting one free item from the McDonald’s menu.

How to claim the rewards?

You’ve to write down the validation code provided by them after completing the survey on your receipt and bring it with you when you visit them next time.

How to complete mcdvoice survey?

  1. Click on the above given links to the survey to visit the official website of the McDonald’s survey (mcdvoice).
  2. Here, you’ll be asked a survey code, which you can see on your receipt.
  3. Now, after clicking next, you’ll be asked more details such as store number, date of visit, etc.
  4. Enter that too and now your survey will start.
  5. Now, answer the questions asked honestly and complete the survey.
  6. After that, you’ll be given a validation code. Write it down on your store receipt.
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About McDonald’s

Founded in 1940, McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food operating chains serving its customers worldwide. It was run by Richard and Maurie McDonalds in San Francisco, Bernardino, California, United States. They improvised their business from a small hamburger stand. In 1955, Ray Kroc happened to join the company as a franchisee agent and proceeded to buy the company from the McDonalds brothers. Initially, McDonald’s has its headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, but now it has approved to the plan of shifting it to Chicago by 2018.

McDonald’s serves over 69 million customers in over 100 countries from 36900 outlets worldwide, as of record in 2016. Although McDonalds’ specialises in making hamburgers, they also produce cheeseburgers and a variety of milkshakes, soft drinks and desserts too. To meet their every customers’ taste and to avoid any backlog upon the unhealthiness of their food, they happened to introduce varieties of fish, salads, smoothies and fruit to their menu card.

McDonald’s offers two sorts of flooding either eat-in type or take-out type. In the eat-in kind, the customers are served with a plastic tray where a paper is inserted onto its floor along with the food. The take-out nature thus allowed the customers to carry their food in a distinctive brown paper bag with the company logo on it.

On 4th may, 1961, McDonald’s filed for a U.S. trademark license for the name of McDonald’s under the guidance of Ray Kroc. Until then the restaurant buildings used a single arch for letting their customers know about their place in various whereabouts. By 13th may, 1961, the new logo was introduced into the company as an overlapping double arched M symbol.

In the united states, it was reported that drive-throughs account for 70% of the overall sales of the restaurant. However, McDonald’s happened to close down 184 restaurants in the United States which were assumed to be 59 more than the estimated number of restaurants they arrived to open. This move thus resulted in the net decrease of the McDonalds’ restaurants all over the United States.

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