myhoneybakedfeedback – Complete the HoneyBaked Ham & Get a Buy 1 Get 1 Coupon!

Visited a HoneyBaked Ham outlet recently? Did you know that you can give your feedback about your recent visit to them and get rewarded for that?

Complete the myhoneybakedfeedback guest satisfaction survey and get a coupon code to use on the next visit to redeem a buy one get one free Sandwich.

Here in this page, we show you how to complete the myhoneybakedfeedback survey online with a step by step guide. But if you just want to visit website, you can click on the button given below.



Survey Name myhoneybakedfeedback
Brand Name HoneyBaked Ham
Assured Reward Buy 1 get 1 Sandwich Coupon
Is purchase required? Yes
Is store receipt required? Yes

myhoneybakedfeedback Rules

Who can Enter the survey?

  • All US residents over 18 years of age.
  • No HoneyBaked employees or relatives of their employees can enter the survey.

What are the Survey Rewards?

You will get a buy one get one free Sandwich coupon from HoneyBaked.

How to redeem the survey rewards?

You can redeem your coupon on the next visit while ordering a Sandwich from HoneyBaked.

How to complete HoneyBaked Ham Guest Satisfaction survey?

  1. Click on the above given button to visit website.
  2. On the next page, you will be asked these things:
    1. Date
    2. Time
    3. Survey Code
  3. Enter these and click on the “Start” button.
  4. Now your survey will start.
  5. Here, answer the questions asked honestly.
  6. Complete the survey by selecting the options from the multiple choice questions.
  7. Finally, after completing the survey, you will be given the coupon code, which you can redeem.
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About HoneyBaked

The HoneyBaked Ham Company is well known for its pre-cooked meats, entrees, and desserts. Its specialties are ham and turkey breasts. But many facts are still unknown to even its most loyal customers.

  1. The first store in Detroit: The first Honey baked Ham was opened in 1957 by Harry J Hoenselaar. He mortgaged his house to raise money to buy the company from a widow for $500.
  2. The patented slicing machine: The Honey Baked Ham Company’s slicing machine is patented. The great spiral slices are the product of this machine which is the brainchild of its founder.
  3. Hand selected for perfection: Each ham to hit a Honey Baked Ham Company store has to pass a 16-part inspection. This means that only one in ten hams makes it to the customers ensuring only the best of the best.
  4. Its top secret: The ingredients that go into making the glaze for a HoneyBaked ham are top secret. The sweetness of the glaze and the crunch of the ham are its trademarks. Though many people have attempted to recreate the glaze, no one has succeeded as yet.
  5. Other Foods too: A Honey Baked Ham Company store has other foods too. Such as turkey, beef and pork. They have ready to eat Mac and Cheese, spinach artichoke dips, green bean casseroles mashed potatoes, etc.
  6. Delicious pies: The company also makes pies which are as good as their hams. The cakes and cheesecakes are to die for too.
  7. On a budget: When a ham gest cut the wrong way, it does not get tossed in the dustbin. IT just gets sold for a lower price. Because it is still as tasty as ever.
  8. One in every state: There is a Honey Baked Ham Company store in 41 states in America. This makes their delicious ham all the more accessible.

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