mykfcexperience – Complete KFC Experience Survey & get a FREE Go Cup!

Now that you’ve visited a KFC outlet recently, you can let the people over at KFC know about your opinion about their stores!

Not only that, you’ll be rewarded for registering your opinion about KFC using their mykfcexperience survey.

mykfcexperience is the customer experience survey by which KFC is seeking the help of their customers to improve upon their services and more by rewarding their customers in return for their opinion. Here in this page, we have a full step by step guide on completing the mykfcexperience customer survey, read on!



Survey Name mykfcexperience
Brand Name KFC
Assured Reward Free Go Cup on Next Visit
Is purchase required? Yes
Is store receipt required? Yes

mykfcexperience Rules

Who can Enter the survey?

  • US residents below the age of 18.
  • Only people who have visited a KFC store recently and has a valid receipt.

What are the Survey Rewards?

The reward for completing kfc experience survey is a Free Go Cup on your next visit to any KFC store.

How to redeem the survey rewards?

You’ll be given a redemption code. Write it down on your store receipt and bring it with you on your next visit.

How to complete mykfcexperience survey?

  1. Visit the official website of KFC Experience survey, using the button given above.
  2. Now, you’ll be asked to enter survey code from your store receipt.
  3. Enter it and also add the time of your visit.
  4. After this, your survey will start.
  5. You will be asked your opinion on various things related to your recent visit to KFC.
  6. After the completion of the survey, you’ll be asked your basic contact info.
  7. Now, you will be given a redemption code. Write it down on your receipt.
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About KFC

KFC was started by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952 at Utah, which went on to become the second largest fast food restaurant chain in the world. As of December 2015, KFC had over 20,000 joints globally and franchise in 123 countries. Until 1991 KFC was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken and a brand that is now owned by the Yum! Brands that also has Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and WingStreet as its subsidiary.

Colonel Sanders understood the potential of having a franchise restaurant after started selling fried chicken of his recipe during the Great Depression from a roadside restaurant. By mid-1960s KFC become the first fast-food franchise chains in America to expand internationally. KFC started opening franchise restaurants in Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and United Kingdom.

Colonel Sanders started serving the fried chicken in 1930 near North Corbin Kentucky. By 1937 his diner became quite popular and was increased to 142 seats. The recipe Sanders used was something he learned as a child, and later he innovated it and started frying the chicken in a pressure cooker by modifying the equipment into a pressure fryer. Then in 1940 Colonel Sanders finalized the KFC chicken recipe that has 11 herbs and spices. It is also known as the ‘Original Recipe’ and had never been disclosed publicly apart from Sanders stating that the ingredients can be found in everybody’s shelf and has salt and pepper.

Sanders franchised his recipe to Pete Harman in 1952, South Salt Lake Utah, who later hired a sign painter Don Anderson. The popularity of KFC and its tagline was the brainchild of Harman and Anderson. Harman coined the phrase ‘It’s finger-lickin’ good’ and Anderson created ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken.’ Both Anderson and Herman wanted to showcase the hospitable imagery of South and exoticism of Kentucky with this new brand of fast food.

Over the years KFC USA has grown and despite its competition has a brand value of US$13.52 billion and has a steady sales growth.

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Summary - Complete KFC Experience Survey!
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Complete the mykfcexperience survey now and get a free Go cup on your next visit to KFC. We have a step by step guide on the KFC experience survey on this page.
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