– Complete the Del Taco Guest Experience Survey & get Discounts on Next Visit!

So now that you’ve visited a Del Taco outlet, you may want to let them know your opinion about them from your recent is it?

Now, you can do that using website and get rewarded for that. Complete the Del Taco guest satisfaction survey and get a discount code for your next visit.

In this page, you will find a step by step guide on completing the Del Taco survey on and how to redeem your discount from the store. But, if you just want to visit the myopinion website directly, you can do that by clicking on the link given below.

Survey Name
Brand Name Del Taco
Assured Reward $1 off of $3
Is purchase required? Yes
Is store receipt required? Yes

Del Taco MyOpinion Survey Rules

Who can Enter the survey?

  • All residents of the US.
  • No employee or relatives of a Del Taco employee will be allowed to take the survey.

What are the Survey Rewards?

The reward for completing the Del Taco survey is a discount code of $1 off of $3 on your next visit.

How to redeem the survey rewards?

You’ve to write down the survey code on the store receipt and bring it with you the next time you visit them.

How to complete Del Taco Opinion survey?

  1. Click on the button given above to access, the official website.
  2. Here, you are required to enter your “15 digit survey code” from your store receipt.
  3. Enter that and click on the “Next” button.
  4. Now, the Del Taco customer opinion survey will start.
  5. You will be asked many questions about your recent visit to Del Taco.
  6. Answer them honestly and click “Next” button.
  7. Now, you will be given a coupon code to write down on your receipt.
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About Del Taco

The taco is the perfect food; it is usually made with corn tortilla that is very nutritious with an incredible variety of regional ingredients and unique textures. You can eat tacos regularly, and you will never get bored with them. In the United States, there is no better city to enjoy the tacos than in Los Angeles – the motherland of the taco is only two and a half hours away, and Los Angeles has the second largest population of Mexicans, just behind the City of Mexico. Finally, the taco is earning the respect it deserves, and it is being taken very seriously as good pasta. Enjoy your meal!

Lamb Barbecue at Del Taco

One can easily get lamb barbecue at Del Taco. Hidalgo-style lamb barbecue-cooked in maguey pennies – is one of the original Mexican tacos for breakfast. Along with birria and carnitas are the main regional dishes and taco options for breakfast and lunch. Located in Commerce, this new place that began in San Diego offers a delicious shell made with crispy cheese stuffed with tender lamb.

Other options include chicken, huitlacoche, mushrooms, pumpkin flower or poblano pepper. Enjoy them with ripe mango pulque (a fermented drink popular in the towns of Mexico). Your paradigm for breakfast will never be the same.

SHRIMP TACOS – at Del Taco

The list of tacos in Los Angeles at Del Taco cannot be complete without mentioning this small and straightforward shrimp taco in Mariscos Jalisco. The concept in this legendary Boyle Heights mobile taqueria is quite simple: fried crispy tacos very seasoned and folded stuffed with shrimp chopped into large pieces and a secret combination of vegetables, complemented by a mild tomato sauce with oregano essence and a generous portion of avocado.

Despite a large amount of ingredients, the tacos are light and addictive, and Del Taco imagines that the secret lies in the seasoning of the shrimp and the oil they use to fry. references:

Summary - Complete Del Taco Survey Now!
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Complete the Del Taco guest experience survey using my website and get discount of $1 off of $3 on your next visit. Here's our full guide!
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