talktoihop – Complete the IHOP Customer Survey & get FREE Pancakes or $4 Off Coupon

Have you visited an IHOP recently? Have you want to participate in the IHOP survey?

If not, enter the talktoihop survey, where in you can enter and let them know your opinion about them from your recent visit and get rewarded.

In this page, we’re going to show you how to complete the talktoihop customer survey and get rewarded (also how to redeem the rewards too). You can also visit the website by clicking on the link given below.




Survey Name talktoihop
Brand Name IHOP
Assured Reward Free stack of buttermilk pancakes
$4 off your next purchase
Is purchase required? Yes
Is store receipt required? Yes

talktoihop Rules

Who can Enter the survey?

  • US residents over age of 18.
  • No employee of IHOP can participate in the survey.

What are the Survey Rewards?

The reward for completing the talk to IHOP survey is either a free stack of buttermilk pancakes or $4 off on your next purchase.

How to redeem the survey rewards?

You’ll be given a validation code on completion of the survey, which you can use to redeem your rewards.

How to complete Talk to IHOP survey?

  1. Click on the buttons given above to visit website.
  2. On the next page, you’ll be asked these:
    1. Survey Code
    2. Visit Time
    3. Server ID
  3. Enter these three and click on the “Start” button.
  4. Now your survey will start.
  5. Answer the questions asked honestly and complete the survey.
  6. Now, here you will be given a validation code for redeeming your rewards.
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About IHOP

IHOP or International House of Pancakes is an institution by itself. Opened in 1958, the IHOP has been serving up delicious pancakes to its customers ever sines. But not even the most regular of its customers know all the facts about IHOP. Listed below are some interesting facts about IHOP.

  1. It began as a coffee cart: One of the co-founders of the IHOP, Al Lapin, operated a network of coffee carts called Coffee Time. This chain used to supply coffee to the office went and was extremely popular. But when his brother Jerry and he came up with the idea of the International House of Pancakes, he sold the network and pooled in the money as capital for IHOP.
  2. And some creative investors too: The other set of investors Al and Trudy Kallis came from the creative field. Al spiralized in creating movie posters, especially for American International Pictures.
  3. A Cordon Blue Chef: The Lapins hired a Le Cordon Blue chef to create some of the craziest flavored pancakes for the chain. The result was flavored such as Tahitian Orange Pineapple and Kauai Coconut pancakes. Those these did not remain on the menu for long others such as the New York Cheesecake Pancakes became an all-time favorite.
  4. Raising money for charity: IHOP held the first National Pancake Day in 2006. The idea was to offer its customers a free breakfast in return for donations to a charity of their choice. To date, IHOP has managed to raise nearly $16 million for various organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
  5. Only one with real maple syrup: None of the IHOP centers serve real maple syrup. But franchisee Sam Handy of Vermont wanted to use the real stuff at his store. The company agreed but with a clause that the syrup be charged extra.

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talktoihop - Take IHOP Survey & Get Free Pancakes/$4 Coupon
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talktoihop - Take IHOP Survey & Get Free Pancakes/$4 Coupon
Have you visited an IHOP recently? Have you want to participate in the IHOP survey? If not, complete talktoihop survey & Get Free Pancakes or $4 off Coupon!
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Surveys N Sweepstakes
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